How to Drive Targeted Traffic with LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by A.J. Wilcox. There’s probably nobody that has done more LinkedIn advertising then he has. We aren’t exaggerating either. He’s extremely well respected in the paid social space and we’re honored to have him guest post on the blog:

how to sponsor content on linkedin

In days past, LinkedIn was well known as the source for your online resume and job postings. In the last year, however, it has positioned itself as the hub for all business content. It’s doing quite well in this transformation, and it is just getting started.

That means, if you haven’t done so already, it might be time to take your content marketing to the next level with LinkedIn sponsored content. Now, this is different than just sharing content on your LinkedIn account. I’d like to explain the why’s and how’s to sponsoring your content on the LinkedIn platform, and also help you understand how you can use LinkedIn to target a niche audience and drive the most relevant traffic for your business. Continue reading

Why Measuring Content Marketing ROI Will Make You Fail (And What to Measure Instead)

Almost every time I talk to someone about content marketing, or try pitching them on doing it, the same question comes up: “What’s the ROI of content?” or “How do you measure ROI with content marketing?” And recently, there are several articles questioning the ROI of content, like this one from Venturebeat.

There’s a big problem with those questions. If you base your strategies around Return on Investment with content marketing, it will fail. It’s why we are starting to see numbers like this Continue reading

How to Build a Content Team that Attracts Raving Fans and Beats the Buzzfeeds [SlideShow]

alien crowd

Have you ever wondered how popular sites can create A LOT of engaging content on a daily basis?

The basic solution to this is simple: Have a strategy, solve human problems, and have a stellar team to execute it on a consistent basis. With Content Marketing, we live or die by the team executing it. The team, the strategy, and the dedication to content is the only way we can compete with all the noise out there.

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Now Offering Full-Service Content Marketing — In Partnership with Utah Business Magazine and Utah Media Group

Yo! There’s some exciting news for all of you who need some serious, and real content. Actually, it’s probably just mostly exciting for me. And if I may say so, our dreams are coming true …

mr t on unicorn

Details of Our Content Marketing Agency

Utah Media Group (formerly MediaOne) is funding Alex McArthur and myself in running a content marketing agency. Alex is one of the best digital marketers in the state. He was instrumental in growing OrangeSoda in the beginning and gets digital strategy like nobody else.

We’re working closely with Utah Business Magazine (which is owned by Utah Media Group) and using their resources in the creation of premium content for businesses throughout the sales funnel. We’re also helping agencies fulfill on the increasing demands of high-quality content.

Our Team and Services

We have a number (about 45 writers and designers right now) of beat writers and experts in different industries that can create real thought leadership type of content. And I don’t say ‘thought leadership’ lightly. This isn’t just some intro-level English major or textbroker cheap content. This is the real stuff (Articles, Ebooks, Graphics, Social Media, Digital PR, etc.). Stuff that is a resource that builds a loyal audience and solves unique problems.

Why We’re Doing it

We think there’s a huge gap in good content out there. Most people are creating mediocre content at best. Well, mediocre might even be praise to some of the stuff out there. It’s our mission to rid the world of that type of content, that to be honest, is pissing everyone off.

Get a Free Content Audit

Right now this site is not built for lead generation (it was designed as a blog only) and there are no forms to fill out. So if you’re interested, shoot me an email at We’ll give you a free content marketing audit.

Online Customers are Like Toddlers, They Don’t Like Getting ‘Pushed’

push vs pull

It was bedtime. If you have ever had a toddler, you know it’s not for the faint of heart. I was walking my 3-year-old boy down the hall to his bedroom. I had my hand on his back so he’d keep moving quickly.

“Don’t push, Daddy,” he said, turning around and locking eyes with mine. He held out a finger and pointed it at me, “We don’t push.”

I took my hand away. “Sorry,” I said. “How about you go in your bed and I’ll get you some milk.”

He said, “OK!” and hopped into his room — by himself.

Toddlers don’t like to be pushed. They like to be enticed. They like to be pulled.

Online customers are much like toddlers. Continue reading

What Many Agencies Are Doing Wrong With Inbound Marketing

For many agencies, content marketing is unlike anything they’ve ever done before. While content is part of traditional advertising and media outreach, “content marketing” or “inbound marketing” is often very different.

I’m consistently underwhelmed by the digital content in almost all forms that come from agencies. Rarely does it seem that there’s a strategy behind it. But a lot of them are doing it anyway. And a lot of them are probably thinking content marketing is a waste of time because they’re doing it wrong.

As a result, agencies are losing to upstart companies that get it completely. And it’s really not even close. Here are a few things agencies are doing wrong: Continue reading

How Should You Produce Content During News of War and Miley Cyrus?

It’s been hard for me to blog here since the Boston bombings.

ContentHook is my place where I can release some of my own thoughts on marketing. But since Boston, when I’m left to my own thoughts, I start thinking about real-world events.

From Boston to Egypt and Syria, there hasn’t been much energy left to put down thoughts on marketing during my spare time.

But it does lead to a question I assume other content marketers must have: There’s a war looming in Syria, how can I create something of quality that is much less important? And how can I get anyone else to care about it?

I think there are basically two ways you can go about it.
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